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Rocky Mountain Steel Utah's premier steel fabricator specializing in AR Wear Plate heavy industry fabrication services.

Rocky Mountain Steel specializes in heavy duty AR 500 steel wear plate fabrication for Mining, Construction, Concrete, Recycling, and Power industries in the Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming region.

Rocky Mountain Steels capacity to Plasma Cut steel ranging from ASTM A 36 plate, to Stainless Steel plates to High Cromium carbide overlay plates known as AR 500 Steel like Hardox, Duroxite and Arcoplate

In addition to two 400 amp plasma cutting tables capable of cutting 2.5 inch AR 500 Steel Wear Plate.

Rocky Mountain Steel has the capacity to roll one inch by ten foot sections of AR 500 Steel Wear Plate while forming welding, tapping and drilling Hardox, Strenx, and Duroxite.

These are the hardest most wear resistant steel available and necessary for the tough Rocky Mountain companies. 

Plasma Cutting

Rocky Mountain Steel Plasma Cutting & Fabrication

Metal Forming

Rocky Mountain Steel Metal Forming & Fabrication

Steel Rolling

Rocky Mountain Steel Metal Rolling & Fabrication

Welding Drilling

Rocky Mountain Steel Welding, Drilling and Tapping 

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