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Plasma Cutting

Rocky Mountain Steel Fabrication Steel and metal plasma cutting services, focus on AR 500 steel wear plate and overlay plate servicing the toughest Rocky Mountain industries, like Mining, Concrete, Recycling, Construction and Power Generation. 

Rocky Mountain Steel's plasma cutting (plasma arc cutting)can cut AR steel wear plate and overlay polate up to 4 inch thick. Plasma Cutting is a melting process in which a jet of ionised gas at temperatures above 20,000°C is used to melt and remove the material from the cut. This extremely high heat melts the metal and the gas flow ejects it from the cut. Plasma gases are usually argon, argon/hydrogen or nitrogen.

Plasma cutting is an effective accurate way of cutting thin and thick materials alike. Hand-held torches can usually cut up to 38 mm (1.5 in) thick steel plate, and stronger computer-controlled torches can cut steel up to 150 mm (6 in) thick.

Contact Rocky Mountain Steel for more information AR Steel wear plate Plasma Cutting services. 801-352-9344

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