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Duroxite® 100 Wire

Duroxite® 100 WIRE is a flux-cored Welding Wire

Duroxite welding wire engineered for hardfacing components used in for severe sliding wear and moderate to low impact. Duroxite overlay plates are applied using an open-arc welding process.

The Duroxite Welding Wire has weld deposit contains abrasion-resistant materials composed of a high proportion of extremely hard primary M7C3 chromium-rich carbides. With a typical hardness of 1700 HK 

Duroxite® 100 WIRE is suitable for single-layer or multiple-layer deposits up to a maximum of three layers.

Duroxite Welding Wire is used for hardfacing wear parts undergoing wear by earth, sand and abrasives up to 350°C (660°F). Typical uses are; Crusher hammers, gyratory crusher cones and mantles, dredge pumps, slurry pipes, dragline bucket liners, coal pulverizer rolls, coke hammers, sand dredging parts, mining and earthmoving components, and sorting screens.

Contact Rocky Mountain Steel Fabricator for solutions on Duroxite welding wire applications 801-352-9344

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