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Duroxite® 300

Duroxite® 300 is an iron-based steel alloy overlay deposited on mild steel.

It is designed for extremely severe sliding wear for both dry and wet (slurry) abrasive environments


Mining Industry: Crusher rolls, skip liners, slurry pipes and pumps, conveyor chains, excavator bucket liners
Cement Industry: Fan blades, deflector blades, cranker crushers
Oil Sands Industry: Surge bins, feed chutes, slurry pipes and pumps
Steel Industry: Ore chutes
Power Industry: Screw augers, wear liner plates, ash handling equipment liners
Agriculture Industry: Grain shedding hammers, sugar mill knives, row crop sweeps
Oil and Gas Industry: Fracking blender pumps
Construction Industry: Snow plow shoes, demolition tools

Contact Rocky Mountain Steel Fabricator of Duroxite 300 wear plate solutions. 801-352-9344
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