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Duroxite® 101

Duroxite® 101 deposits chromium-rich carbide overlay on Hardox® 450 backing plate.


This hardfacing carbide overlay was designed for severe abrasive wear and impact applications from the outer layer down through 75% depth of the overlay using the Hardox® 450 AR steel wear backing plate. Duroxite® 101 benefits was designed to flex back after impact, Stronger support due to high hardness of Hardox® 450 When the Duroxite 101 wears off the Hardox® 450 backing plate will wear at a lower rate than mild steel providing a greater safety & cost margins.

Duroxite 101 applications, Mining: Loader bucket liners - bucket lip - side shrouds - jaw shrouds, Cement: Heel pads - dewatering conveyors, Power Plants : Coal discharge chutes.


Contact Rocky Mountain Steel Fabricator of Duroxite 101 wear plate solutions. 801-352-9344

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